About Us

Africa’s leading climate change and sustainability support

Sunlight Africa offers strategic, multi-disciplinary services to public and private sector stakeholders seeking to assess the risks of climate factors and to mitigate those risks and their potential consequences.

Our broad expertise across various disciplines, ecological and environmental sciences, natural resource, and restoration and mitigation analysis gives our clients access to an unparalleled wealth of skills and resources that can help any industry build unique solutions to unprecedented challenges.

We the public and private sectors to address climate change. We are at the forefront of efforts by businesses and governments to understand the implications of climate change, and to develop effective strategies and policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and drive operational cost and risk down. 

We have a comprehensive understanding of the technologies and behaviours needed to survive, thrive and remain competitive in a low carbon economy. This expertise has enabled us to help you gain a competitive advantage through sustainable planning.

Our climate change and sustainability specialists include national and international experts in climate change policy, low carbon technologies, carbon management, emissions trading and greenhouse gas inventories.